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2013 resolutions to the education community.

Margery Evans, Chief Executive Officer of AITSL, 7 March 2013

Every young Australian deserves to have a great education. At AITSL, we’re convinced by the compelling evidence that the main in-school factor in student success is the quality of teaching and leadership. That’s why AITSL is dedicated to helping to make all teachers and school leaders the best they can be.

AITSL’s approach is essentially evidence-based and collaborative. We draw upon the talent and commitment of the eight state and territory jurisdictions, the three sectors, professional and community organisations and, of course, teachers and principals throughout Australia.

AITSL’s dedication to promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership is expressed notably through the promulgation and implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

In this pursuit, AITSL demonstrates its commitment to the key principles of equity and excellence in the education of all young Australians.

In essence, AITSL:

  • defines and maintains national standards for teachers and principals
  • leads and influences improvement in teaching and school leadership
  • supports and recognises high quality professional practice.

We work to provide evidence-based advice to policy makers and innovative resources to educators to help shape a more effective teaching profession. To do this, over recent years AITSL has consulted widely and collaborated to devise seven key inter-related policy platforms that are now being put into practice across Australia’s jurisdictions:

All of these policies are clearly articulated through multi-media resources on AITSL’s website

As 2013 unfolds, it will become increasingly clear that AITSL is moving from a phase of policy formulation to policy implementation.

This new phase will have a profound impact upon the educational landscape across Australia. Ultimately, it will help to re-cast the approaches and practices of every teacher and school leader across the nation.

In this endeavour, AITSL has resolved to assist every Australian jurisdiction and sector to successfully implement the nationally agreed policies. We will continue to host and promote relevant support materials and tools for teachers and school leaders; and communicate with the profession directly and via mainstream and social media. I urge all people in the education community to like AITSL on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and/or subscribe to our eNews in order to maximise multi-level engagement and learning opportunities across the profession.

While policy implementation proceeds in the jurisdictions, I can assure the education community that AITSL will remain actively focused on outcomes and engaged in reviewing progress and milestone reporting. Along with our colleagues in the broader education community in every jurisdiction and sector – and, indeed, internationally - we look forward to continually strengthening the Australian profession, so that educators best placed to further develop and express their talents in a 21st century learning environment. 

It’s interesting to note that our work has stimulated interest overseas. I recently attended the ICSEI conference in Santiago, Chile. There, I was able to outline to an international audience the unified national approach that Australia has adopted across a whole range of educational policy and implementation matters, particularly regarding standards and professional development. Australia’s approach came as a stunning revelation to policy makers who are endlessly stymied and frustrated by the triumph of parochial interests over the national interest. The reactions of the international delegates, together with the positive attitudes of our colleagues throughout Australia, convince me that together we are heading in the right direction.

Margery Evans

Chief Executive Officer - Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership


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